Finding a club

After I realised that there were people out there learning to do ‘proper’ sword fighting, I got pretty excited at the thought of maybe finding a club near me.  Of course, nothing is ever that simple.

Living on the France/Swiss border at Geneva I had to first find out what on earth this sport was even called in French.  Having worked out it translates as “Escrimé Médievale” I then made it to the AMHE website, which helpfully has a map with various clubs marked on it.

Turns out there are quite a few places within a half to one hour drive. That’s the good news.  Unfortunately there’s a little more to it.  I tend to work weekends and will often be away from Thursday to Monday.  This leaves….Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.  My wife already has a gym class on Wednesdays so that restricts me somewhat to just Tuesdays.  Basically I needed to find a club which practiced medieval swordfighting, within an hour of Geneva, which met on a Tueday.  Hmmm.

Having looked at the various options I was seriously considering two.

  • GaGSchola, Geneva.  These guys look like they take it very seriously, studying the original texts ad trying to get the authentic techniques from the historical documents.  Also they’re pretty close.  Downsides? They don’t meet on a Tuesday, but on a Monday. I’d love to train with them but I’m pretty sure I’d only make about 1-2 sessions a month.  I’m still planning to go and see them, to see what my options are.
  • Académie Némésis, Nyon.  Again this club seems to be keen on medieval fencing as a a sport rather than a theatrical display. Apart from that I’m not sure, I guess when they start up again in Spet I’ll find out as I’m planning to go along.  I hope it works out OK because, crucially, they’re 25 mins away and meet on a Tuesday. Yay!

So these are my two hopes at the moment.  Regular Tuesdays with Némésis and, if I can, some time with the GaGSchola.  It’s a bit limited really as I’d like to be able to be more specific (for instance German rather than Italian school…of which more later) but I’ll start with what I can find and take it from there.


2 thoughts on “Finding a club

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  2. Wow, several schools to choose from! I’ve always imagined medieval swordsmanship schools being few and far between, but I suppose it depends much on the area. I hope you find one to your liking.
    Anyway, this blog looks great so far! I’m really looking forward to reading about your experiences with sword fighting. 🙂

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